Andriol is an oral testosterone preparation that contains 40mg of testosterone undecanoate in a gelatin capsule. This drug differs from most oral AAS, which are usually 17-alpha-alkylated, to prevent primary metabolism in the liver. 

Esterification and dissolution in oil help testosterone undecanoate in andriol to be absorbed through the lymphatic system, like dietary fats. This allows you to bypass the liver, the first physiological barrier. The actual bioavailability of andriol is approximately 7%. Essentially, it is a non-toxic, orally active testosterone, which is an alternative to other AAS.


Testosterone Undecanoate was developed by Organon in the early 1980s. The drug soon hit pharmacies under the names andriol, androxone, pantestone, restandol, undestor and virigen. It was used in men with a lack of androgens. This drug never made it to the United States, although it is sold in Canada and Mexico. In 2003, Organon introduced andriol testocaps to the market, which could be stored at room temperature, but at the same time had only a 3-month storage period. Despite its wide availability, andriol has never been popular with athletes. The high price of the product is to blame for this. Andriol can be chosen by those who are afraid of injections and do not want to risk using hepatotoxic drugs.

Product Forms:

Testosterone undecanoate is available in a variety of pharmacies. The old form contained 40mg of testosterone undecanoate in oleic oil in small soft gelatin capsules. Andriol testocaps contains 40mg of testosterone undecanoate in castor oil with the addition of propylene glycol monolaurate in gelatin soft capsules. They are packed in 30 or 60 capsules or in plastic blisters of 10 capsules. Each capsule contains 25.3mg of pure testosterone.

Structural features:

Testosterone undecanoate is testosterone with an undecanoate ester attached via a 17–beta hydroxyl group. The esterified hormone is dissolved in oil and sealed in a capsule for oral administration. Significant absorption of testosterone undecanoate when ingested occurs through the lymphatic system bypassing the first passage through the liver. Andriol is made in order to bring the concentration of testosterone to a peak a few hours after ingestion and maintain testosterone levels for 24 hours.


Practice shows that positive anabolic effects begin to manifest only when using very high doses of Androxone – about 240 mg per day. At the same time, this leads to an increased risk of side effects, which negates the positive qualities of the drug.

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